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Good attendance is very important as it affects a child’s success in learning and helps to support them to reach their full potential.

At Chailey St Peter's, we have implemented a ‘Traffic Light’ system across the school to ensure parents are regularly informed about their child’s attendance and supported to improve this where appropriate.

At three points throughout the school year, parents will receive their child’s current attendance percentage and they will be able to see which colour zone their child’s attendance is in - Green, Amber or Red.

Green - Good attendance - 96% or more

Amber - Attendance that requires improvement - between 90.1% and 95.9%

Red - Inadequate attendance - 90% or less

It is fantastic if a child is in the green zone! If a child’s attendance is in the amber or red zone, their attendance is below the standard set by the Government. As a school, we will look at ways to support to improve the child’s attendance including a period of attendance monitoring. In addition to the 'traffic light' letter, parents can view their child’s attendance figure at any time of the year via School Gateway.  



Attendance Support Worker 


Mrs Newton is our attendance support worker and her role is to support children and their families to attend school regularly.