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Friendly Firecrests

Friendly Firecrest Class is the second infant class (year 1 and 2 children). We are lucky to have a lovely big classroom which we have recently developed to help us promote greater self learning opportunities throughout our lessons. We have a new "small world"  area filled with a dolls house and various other imaginative toys; we are especially fond of the space people and their spaceships and rockets! Amongst this area is also a construction area and we often mix the resources together to create all sorts of imaginary lands and creative games.


This year we have created a newer and very appealing book corner filled with great picture books  (as well as levelled reading books) that we can take home each day. The children thoroughly enjoy being in the book corner and sharing these books together.

We have a set of iPads that we use daily to support our learning in the classroom. Over the last term we have become vey good at using the ipads to take pictures of the work we feel proud of- we then print these out to go on our "proud wall!"

During the summer, our outside area had a massive make over and we now have all sorts of fascinating outside play opportunities! We have new water equipment, a sand tray, an awesome dirt area and mud kitchen , as well as our own trolley of resources for us to take out and choose to use as we wish. One of our favourite areas is our  nature  "construction" area; where we have all sorts of large scale equipment and use it to create all sorts of wonderful, imaginative sculptures, buildings and anything else our hearts desire.

Term 5 - What a Wonderful World!

This term we are going to be exploring our wonderful world; with a particular focus on living organisms and their habitats. We will begin by exploring polar habitats, where we will look closely at polar bears and what they need to survive. We will be reading and writing about the the wonderful story 'Leaf', by Sandra Dieckmann.

Following this we will explore rainforest habitats, hot climates and the evolution of species in different areas of the world. Our focus books will be 'Hummingbird' by Nicola Davies, 'Moth: An Evolution Story', by Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egneus and 'The Koala Who Could', by Rachel Bright and Tim Field.

 Children in our class will also be learning to compare hot and cold places around the globe; focusing on the location of the equator and comparing a town in Kapong to where we live.

 Our homework grid for the Spring term is linked to all our learning in the classroom and can be found below.

Homework grid

The children need to complete at least one of these per half term. They can do extra if they would like to.

 Below is our weekly timetable for this term:

Firecrest Timetable Term 5

 Please visit our virtual library - under our 'Home learning' tab on our website.

This term's knowledge organiser:

Knowledge organiser