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Curious Cuckoos

In Curious Cuckoo Class the children have lots of fun exploring and learning in our indoor and outdoor environments. The children learn in ways that capture their imagination and support their interests.    

We really value involvement from parents and whole school community in delivering a meaningful, engaging and successful curriculum.

 The children love learning new things and are really keen to become more independent. We provide the children with a happy and nurturing environment which develops their self-esteem and confidence as younger learners.  

 The children have a fantastic time on our wellie walks and they enjoy learning outdoors.

 The children are very lucky to have access to wonderful resources to support their learning and interactions with peers. The role play area and Lego are very popular. The children look forward to their daily phonics and reading sessions, particularly when ‘Fuzzle Wuzzle’ the class puppet helps them!

 The whole school gets really involved at Christmas time and it is a wonderful place to be to soak up the festive atmosphere. The children really enjoy our decoration day, Christmas party and Christmas church service. They are also extremely proud of their nativity performance.

 The children in Curious Cuckoo class are very creative, exploring with lots of tools and materials including, paint, crayons, chalk, playdough, clay, model making and glitter! The classroom is always decorated with all the childrens ideas and achievements.


Cuckoo class topic work - Terms 5 and 6